I worked for AC Model and Talent five years ago and never got paid. Their new hire paperwork is 30 pages long on purpose to make people give up on the ordeal.

Horrible selfish business practices. They are known by other BA's that they don't pay. I am not sure why they are still in business. Out of 30 companies I work for, AC is top 2 worst, if they changed their business practices and just paid people what they earned they would be so much better off.

I don't know why they don't do this. Just do the right thing ac.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Kent, Washington, United States #1217475

Anonymous Reviewer - We would love to take time and speak to you directly but are unable to connect through here due to now information being listed. We are unsure what experience you had to cause this frustration but assure we would like to resolve it and know exactly what happened.

Please call me directly at 206 919 6695 and I will definitely attend and discuss any of your frustrations with our team.

We care about staff - our agency is built around our Brand Ambassadors.

Anna Carling

Beaverton, Oregon, United States #818030

I'm so surprised to read all these complaints. I used to work for other companies and at one point had my own promotional company but while I was a full-time student, it was nearly impossible to do it all.

So I a few years ago I stepped down and found AC Model & Talent where I have been one of their top Brand Ambassadors/Promotional Models ever since. I have worked with hundreds of models and I find that some of the one's that complain the most are the one's that are honestly not good at their job. They either don't know how to be professional or clients simply didn't like them and they get upset and try to blame someone else. I had a company once that I worked for that had me sign a 200 page confidentiality agreement and employee handbook.

So AC's was really not that bad by comparison.

I also have to say that when it came down to payroll, I'll admit I've had issues, but who hasn't. Some of the "talent" I worked with simply weren't paid, at least in my experience, was because they didn't do the paperwork right and/or they did not do the job right or well.

Federal Way, Washington, United States #798397

We are sorry that you had this experience. We are unfortunately unable to pay without the paperwork complete.

If you would like you can come into any of our offices and we can assist you with feeling out and submitting your information.

We ensure you that it was not our intention to keep your small payment. We have process and procedure we must follow.

AC Model and Talent

For any further assistance please contact Anna at 206 919 6695

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